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About Kemp Lydick

"The Kemp Lydick Territory"KEMP LYDICK is a regional subrogation law firm, with its home office in Dallas, Texas, and with associate offices in eighteen states located in Texas, the Southwest, Midwest and South, including Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona (“the Kemp Lydick territory”).

Kemp Lydick's home office is located in Dallas, Texas at 9524 Whitehurst Drive (75243), Post Office Box 741057, Dallas, Texas 75374, telephone: 214.987.0003, Fax: 214.987.0182. Kemp Lydick has attorneys and staff in place to handle property subrogation files within the entire Kemp Lydick territory (See Attorney Profiles.)

Knowledge and Experience. The Firm has in place a team of highly experienced, plaintiff oriented trial attorneys and support staff to handle property claims in the eighteen states in which Kemp Lydick works. Firm and Associated Attorneys have successfully handled recovery claims for over sixty major companies. Claims have involved defective products of all types (defective in design, manufacturing and/or marketing), including water heater failures, fireplace insert fires, defective electrical breakers, humidifiers, coffee makers, microwave ovens, toasters, glue guns, air conditioners, fans, light fixtures, radio tower collapses, defective tires, boiler and machinery losses, construction and roof defects, water damage claims of all types, mold and mildew claims, major shopping center fires, apartment fires, fire spread, suits against subcontractors, contract and warranty claims, common law negligence, fallen trees, railroad crossing accidents, malpractice, governmental liability, nuisance, premises liability, intentional torts, bailee negligence, injury to persons or property as a result of criminal acts of third persons, dram shop, conversion, cargo transit losses, payments made under fidelity bonds, payments made under a mistake of fact or law, or as a result of a misrepresentation or fraudulent acts, vehicular accidents, and a host of other losses directly caused by third parties.

Firm and Associated Attorneys have handled the whole gamut of subrogation claims. Firm and Resident Attorneys have successfully litigated property and workers' compensation claims in the six and seven figures, with 100% recoveries, as well as a multitude of recoveries under $100,000.00 with similar success.

With its team of highly trained, plaintiff-oriented subrogation trial lawyers and support staff, a strategy for future action is developed. Firm and Resident Attorneys carefully and aggressively prepare the case, investigating every angle to gather ammunition for trial or subsequent negotiation. Every theory is explored and measure taken to secure an expeditious, cost effective, solid recovery. While successful settlement is most often achieved, the Firm’s team of trial lawyers are prepared to try the case if necessary to achieve optimum results. While recovery is the focus of the Firm’s practice, Firm and Associated Attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of litigation practice, both from a plaintiff's and defendant's perspective. Many of the attorneys associated with the Firm began their careers with large property insurers, as adjusters, or with defense firms, defending numerous casualty, property damage, and first party bad faith claims. Many have worked in the area of insurance coverage and have rendered coverage opinions on complex issues. These attorneys, however, eventually have found their best abilities and greatest passion in the field of property subrogation and plaintiff’s work and have focused their law practice for years in these areas.

The variety of training and experience of the Firm’s team of attorneys greatly enhances the Firm in its pursuit of recovery for corporate clients. These attorneys understand how to evaluate cases; where to find coverage; they know how to negotiate; how to work with and represent large companies; how to relate to individuals (particularly insureds in whose name the case is brought as party plaintiff); they understand subrogation and the importance of efficient use of time and money; they know how to expose risks to opposing parties and their defense counsel; they know how to obtain optimum settlements; and how to try lawsuits from a plaintiff’s perspective.

As to automobile subrogation, Kemp Lydick handles automobile claims in the entire State of Texas, from its Dallas Office base. Kemp Lydick has in place a highly effective system for locating and securing judgments against adverse parties, with highly effective collection procedures.

Client References are available upon request.
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