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Intercompany Arbitration. If it is required that a case be submitted to intercompany arbitration, the Firm is available to coordinate the handling of the clientís arbitration filings, through award and payment of the award, if the client decides. The Firmís attorneys are very knowledgeable in the filing of arbitrations in Arbitration Forums, Inc. with skills in Arbitration Forums, Inc., with exceptional understanding of its Rules, refined through years of practice in this forum. The Firm knows how to best present the claim and meet the burden of proof before the panel. Further, Firm team members can easily get to an arbitration hearing anywhere in the Kemp Lydick Territory. A Firm Team Attorney can appear at all Arbitration Forumsí hearings, unless attendant factors for the particular file dictate that a personal appearance is not warranted.

American Arbitration Association. Consumers are finding themselves, more and more, agreeing in sales contracts to binding arbitration before AAA, should a dispute arise between manufacturers and/or sellers. Insurers, as subrogees and standing in the shoes of their insureds, are bound by these arbitration agreements, if they exist. Kemp Lydick is experienced regarding the consumer and commercial rules of AAA, filing and procedural requirements, and knows how to present these claims for maximum recover.

There is also available on the Firm's website case studies relative to subrogation and other useful website links for subrogation professionals.

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