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Sending New Property Files

Step 1: Click here to send new property files. Fill in the boxes as shown with information pertinent to the file and click "submit."

Step 2: When the Client has provided file information in Step 1, the Client will receive an acknowledgement that the Firm has received the file for review. Further, the Client will automatically receive an access code which will enable the Client to access the Firm's data in order to view pertinent status information regarding the case. Subsequently, to obtain a status on the file, the adjuster will use this access code which will allow the adjuster immediate access to the most current status on the file.

Step 3: As soon as possible, a copy of the entire claim’s file should be sent to Kemp Lydick. In sending written documents to Kemp Lydick, the Client should send this information to Kemp Lydick, c/o David O. Kemp, 9524 Whitehurst Drive (75243), Post Office Box 741057, Dallas, Texas 75374. Tel: 214.987.0003, Fax: 214.987.0182.

The file will be assigned to an attorney, who will thoroughly evaluate the case. Once the file is accepted, the Firm will send out an acknowledgement of acceptance of the file to pursue subrogation, will send out a formal demand, if not already done, and will thereafter make every effort to settle the case within thirty days. If settlement does not occur, every reasonable attempt will be made to file suit in the case within thirty (30) days.

The Firm will review and direct subrogation activities on all of subrogation property losses in the states where Kemp Lydick does business. Preferably, The Firm should coordinate the hiring of all experts and the interviewing of all persons with knowledge of relevant information about the file. Accordingly, David O. Kemp, at the Dallas Office (see attorney profiles) should be contacted as soon as possible after the loss has occurred to coordinate these efforts.

While the Firm hopes to alleviate many of the client’s burdens relating to subrogation, the Firm recognizes that the client is the final decision maker on all subrogation issues and a vital partner in the subrogation process. The Firm Team will always keep the Client’s vital role in mind, from initial contact through resolution of the claim, and will at all times keep the Client fully advised on what the Firm Team is doing.

Distributions. All property subrogation recoveries will be net payments, less fees and expenses, unless otherwise specified. The Client will be responsible for paying the insured's deductible, less the pro rata share of attorney's fees (in those states where it is allowable.) (back to top)

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